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Meet The Owner

Lawrence J.

To start a business amid a worldwide pandemic is one thing but to dare to be different is another. The vision of a barber lounge filled with multiple nationalities, male and female master barbers, and a place where everyone would feel relaxed and at home was a dream that started as a kid. Lawrence J., Owner of Global Kutz, believes that everything you put your heart in should follow with excellence, and Global Kutz is just that. Lawrence J., A Business consultant, Entrepreneur & Business  Coach, Marketing Strategist, Producer, and Songwriter, has been through a journey of ups and downs, mistakes, bad decisions, and more. Still, the man of faith has never given up. Although Lawrence is not a barber or hairstylist, he understands the heart of the industry and, most importantly, good service. “If you’re going to do it, you might as well do it big” is Lawrence’s favorite word following “Cheap is Expensive”! When you walk in Global Kutz immediately, you notice that he stands on that word. Lawrence, a husband, and father of 4 beautiful girls, has a heart for helping other small business owners and individuals trying to find their purpose in the entrepreneurship world. Lawrence J’s ultimate goal is to reach the unreached and help his community and communities across the globe.


115 D Promenade Parkway
Suite 115-D
Fayetteville, GA 30214